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Information Center 

is generating a database for contractors to work on the projects in the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus Region. 

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​Priority: Art Design Work

Information Center provides information support to the educational process in the school's programs of Fermata Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The objectives of the Information Center include the development of educational literature, subscriptions to periodicals and electronic publications, the implementation of reference and information service of students and teachers. Information Center includes a library of print and electronic library. About 5% of the book fund is in languages other than English.

Information Center is constantly expanding its contacts with suppliers of information resources (both print and electronic), maintains relationships with some of the largest libraries in the country, libraries and information centers of universities in the USA and abroad, with design studios, commercial and industrial companies that are partners of Fermata Arts Foundation.

The library is organized on the principle of open access.

Information Center is located in the main building of Fermata Arts Foundation. The right to use the library have students of all levels of higher education; listeners of additional vocational training programs; teachers and school staff. Director of the Information Center is Nikolay Synkov.

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